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About the educator

About Convection Kitchen

Welcome to convection kitchen, an educational resource to learn about convection and combi-steam oven cooking. Over the past 20-plus years, I've taught thousands of people how to use their Convection and Convection-Steam ovens. Why the need for all this education? because recipes do not reference the tools you cook with and all ovens are just a little bit different. 


Once you understand both, the tools you are cooking with, and the convection cooking modes of your oven, cooking success is easier to achieve. You can start your learning by selecting Plan from the site menu, or by practicing with any of my easy recipes on the Convection Recipes or Steam Recipes pages. My FAQ page will answer questions that often my clients have, and my weekly Blog will break down my recipes or common topics from a Convection Kitchen.


My mission is that you learn how to adapt your cooking to these amazing Convection Ovens. I hope you'll find these videos helpful, and that your convection cooking elevates your cooking experience, so please subscribe to get the latest news from my site.


Thank you,


Larissa, Your Convection Enthusiast

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