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How to Slow Cook Baby Back Ribs in the Steam Oven

Steam ovens are ideal tools for slow cooking ribs for grilling. The method for cooking ribs is to give the ribs a dry rub a day in advance then to place them in a roasting pan with a little water, cover them tightly with foil and cook them for approx 2 hours in a slow oven.  This method creates steam in the pan tenderizing the meat in preparation for the final high heat finish on the grill or in the oven.

The Steam Oven may seem small to cook several racks of ribs at one time but you can cut them in half if needed and since you don’t have to cover the pan you can just pile them on top of each other.  I find using  the Combination Convection Steam Mode set to 250 degrees yields the best result, if the temperature is too high the meat gets a little tough and the bones pop right out.

Whether you use a prepared dry rub and BBQ sauce or create your own rub and sauce ribs cooked in the Steam Oven are a winner.

Combi-braising baby back ribs served with corn.


2 - racks baby back pork ribs

Dry rub of your choice


Preheat the Steam Oven in the Combination Convection Steam Mode 250 degrees.

Remove the membrane on the back of the ribs with the point of a small sharp knife and coat the ribs generously with the dry rub (This can be a done a day in advance for added flavor).

Cut the racks in half if necessary and place in the solid pan or on a rimmed baking sheet.

Check the ribs after 2 hours to see if they are tender or if they need another 30 minutes.

At this point the ribs can be glazed with the BBQ sauce and finished on the grill or in the Convection oven using the Convection Bake or Convection Roast Mode 425 degrees.

Baby Back Ribs
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