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What are the benefits of using a convection oven?

In a convection oven you can cook on multiple racks without the transference of flavors: you can bake a banana French toast and a chili relleno casserole at the same time for instance. 

Food will retain moisture so your roasted chicken will have a crispy skin while the meat will be juicy.

Large cuts of meats cook faster such as a whole turkey provided that you properly defrost the meat first.

Meats require no turning or basting unless you want to achieve a particular flavor.

Convection ovens are tools that can really simplify cooking because you can cook large quantities of food at once. This is great for cooking for a family or if you are planning a large diner for Christmas for example.

If food cooks faster or you can cook on multiple racks at the same time, you will save energy.


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