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Rescued By My Oven

March 6, 2022 at 8:00:00 AM

Broil Salmon Without Drying it with the Convection-Broil Mode

I am frequently asked, how do I cook salmon in my Convection or Combi steam oven? Well of course there is no easy answer because there are so many options available. Broiling certainly gives fish a nice crust, but it can also dry the fish out quickly, so using Convection with Broil is recommended. This recipe for Convection Broiled Salmon with a Honey Mustard Glaze is easy and flavorful, and you can broil some asparagus at the same time for a delicious “fast food” meal with real food.

The Convection Roast mode is another great option that works especially well when cooking thicker cuts of fish. Again using convection helps keep the moisture in the fish and a recipe like Salmon with a Cider Mustard Glaze adds a simple flavorful sauce to the salmon.

Then of course there is the option to cook the salmon at low temperatures as in this recipe for Low-Temperature Roast Salmon. In this method, the salmon is given a dry rub then seared in a hot pan, carefully turned then placed in a slow oven to finish cooking through. The combination of a crisp crust with gently cooked fish is amazing, just remember don’t turn the fish until it releases naturally from the pan.

Cooking an entire meal in the oven at one time is a wonderful way to cook a delicious meal without having to stand at the stove. This recipe for Chicken Thighs with Lemon and Olives is delicious year-round and pairs well with a medley of roasted vegetables, like cauliflower with carrots and kale. Or you could bake an oven risotto or a dish of polenta at the same time.

Rustic fruit tarts are perhaps the easiest dessert to make. The pastry comes together in minutes or you can use a prepared crust then add a topping of ripe seasonal fruit, fold in the edges and bake. This recipe for Rustic Fruit Tart with Strawberries and Rhubarb served with some creme fraiche or a dollop of vanilla ice cream makes a wonderful finale to any meal.

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