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Rescued By My Oven

May 2, 2022 at 7:00:00 AM

The Convenience of a Convection or Convection Steam Oven

There are many benefits to cooking foods in Convection or Convection steam, but one of the greatest benefits is convenience. Whether you cook the entire meal on one rimmed baking sheet or layer several pans into the oven to cook at one time, the fact that you can cook a meal without having to stand at the cooktop can really ease the stress of meal preparation.

Risotto is the perfect example, it’s a wonderful dish that pairs well with a variety of foods and when cooked in the oven requires no stirring. Risotto made in the Combi steam or Convection oven with no stirring may not be authentic but it is still fabulous. This recipe for Lemon Basil Risotto has the fresh bright flavors of spring and pairs well with poultry or seafood.

When cooking risotto in the Combi steam oven, use the steam setting and cook the risotto uncovered in an oven-safe casserole dish. When cooking risotto in a Convection oven it must be cooked in a covered oven-safe pan or casserole dish. Use the Convection mode 350 degrees and it will cook to perfection. Either way remember you can also cook other dishes at the same time, so plan to let your oven cook the entire meal.If you are looking to give your taste buds a new flavor experience we have some great options to try. If your pantry is stocked with some Asian condiments, this Convection roasted Kung Pao Cauliflower is easy to prepare and cooks in approximately 15 minutes. Roast some chicken pieces or fish at the same time for a fabulous easy meal.

While you have those Asian spices handy you might want to try this recipe for Combi Steamed Black Bean Pork Spareribs. You will have to ask the butcher to cut the ribs horizontally across the bone, and then you will have to cut them down into smaller chunks but that little effort is so worth the flavorful results. Best of all you can steam some rice and greens or your favorite Dim Sum dumplings at the same time for an amazing feast.

This Convection meal featuring Mexican Meatloaf and Classic Red Rice  also offers a great flavor boost to a classic recipe as does this recipe for Lemongrass Tumeric Roast Chicken with Asian Style Panzanella.

Cooking is all about planning and planning to use the tools in your Convection and Combi steam ovens allows you to prepare and cook meals with greater ease and great results.

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