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Rescued By My Oven

April 2, 2022 at 7:00:00 AM

Spring Cooking and its Friend, The Convection Oven!

Now that spring is here and for the first time in several years we are able to safely host gatherings, it’s definitely a good time to plan menus that make good use of the Convection features in your oven. Cooking several dishes at one time in Convection only requires planning but it certainly takes a lot of stress out of entertaining. I like to think of my Convection oven as my sous-chef, I give the orders and it does the cooking!

Simple bread recipes like the Italian Cheese Bread make a great appetizer and is a fun recipe to get younger people involved in the kitchen. Many brunch dishes can be prepared in Convection such as baked French toast, frittata, breakfast potatoes, and sausage. This Convection Brunch video will show you how to successfully cook several dishes at one time.

We also have recipes for Convection Baked Ham that pairs beautifully with a Cauliflower Mac N Cheese casserole or a delicious Convection Roast Lamb. Another popular spring recipe is Roasted Salmon with Cider-Mustard Glaze and if you are interested in a meat-free option try our recipe for Shepherds Pie with Seitan.

If you are looking for a light healthy dessert then give the Almond Orange Olive Oil Cake a try or for the most amazing chocolate oatmeal cookie you have ever tasted, try this recipe from our contributor Susanne Jensen for Lacy Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies.

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