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Rescued By My Oven

January 5, 2022 at 8:00:00 AM

Winter Meals with The Help of Your Convection Oven

While your Convection and Combi Steam ovens may have had a good workout preparing your holiday meals, they will still be incredibly useful during the cold winter months when you are craving your favorite comfort foods. The great thing about Convection is that you can so easily cook multiple dishes at one time so, with a little planning, preparing several meals at one time couldn't be easier. Here are some examples.Savory pies with a pastry topping such as a chicken or turkey pot pie cook best at 375°F in Convection, which is also a great temperature for roasting vegetables, that can be used for soup.

For example, the base for Creamy Mushroom Soup can be started on the cooktop and simmered in stock while the mushrooms roast in the oven. Spread out on the tray they cook evenly and have better texture and flavor. When cooked they are combined with the soup base and pureed, resulting in better flavor and a much easier cooking process.

Casseroles typically cook at 350°F so other foods that cook well at that temperature such as meatloaf, chicken pieces, or fish can also be cooked at the same time for an easy oven meal. Simple winter desserts such as pear or apple crisp can also be cooked at the same time for a healthy dessert. If you have never tried Fish Pie with Mixed Shellfish, I encourage you to give it a try; it’s basically a seafood Shepherds Pie and makes a nice change from roasted or broiled fish. The recipe is written for the Combi Steam Oven, but it can also be prepared using the Convection oven.

Braised dishes are the perfect warming winter food and so easy to prepare. First the meat is seared and set aside while the vegetables that form the flavor base are sauteed. Then the meat is returned to the pan, stock and aromatics are added and the covered dish simmers to perfection at 325℉ for 2 - 2 ½ hours. Preparing another braised dish at the same time is definitely worth considering to keep your refrigerator stocked with delicious meals. The Moroccan Turkey Stew is loaded with healthy vegetables and garbanzo beans, but the zesty fresh herb, garlic and lemon sauce that is added before serving makes this dish a standout.

Of course you may just prefer to steam or steam roast some Lobster Tails or Dungeness crab or maybe some mussels and enjoy a delicious seafood feast. Convection and Combi ovens are amazing tools that can create amazing meals and these are some of the ways I enjoy putting my ovens to good use; and I hope it will inspire you to unlock the magic of your appliances to make the preparation of delicious meals easier.

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