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Convection Broiled for Electric Ovens

Convection (fan assisted cooking) combined with broil is a fabulous tool for searing steaks, chops and thicker cuts of fish. Learn about the sophisticated technology in your oven with tips to ensure safe effective oven broiling.

Best Uses

Broiling thicker cuts of meat such as steaks, chicken thighs, lamb chops, pork chops, and fish steaks. Meats should be cooked on a 2-piece broil pan with slats to prevent the dripping fat from being exposed to the intense heat.

Small quick-cooking items, shrimp, vegetables, thinner cuts of fish, and chicken can be cooked on a rimmed baking sheet in the Broil Mode. 

Determine the best rack position by placing the broiling pan with the food on the oven rack before heating the oven to ensure the food will not be too close to the heating element. 

Broiling is similar to grilling in that we use Direct Heat for searing the meat and to create flavor. However to cook the meat through we use Indirect Heat, which means moving it away from the intense heat source. To achieve this in the oven, sear the meat on High then change the Mode to Convection. Drop the temperature to 300 - 350 degrees and move the food to a lower rack away from the strong direct heat. 

When you remove the meat from the oven after broiling always take it off the broiling pan and rest it on the cutting board to prevent the meat from continuing to cook from the residual heat of the pan.