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Convection Roast for Electric Ovens

Learn about the benefits of using the Convection Roast Mode in your oven. Not only will meats be flavorful and juicy, you can cook an entire meal at one time on multiple racks. Convection ovens (fan assisted cooking) are designed to work for you. Watch my videos and see how easy it can be.

Best Uses

Roasting large or small cuts of meat, fish, and vegetables and cooking an entire meal at one time. 

Roasting Large Cuts of Meat. 

Meats should be cooked on a rack in a shallow pan allowing the heat to circulate around the meat and penetrate from the edge to the center. Large roasts such as bone-in Rib Roasts can be cooked directly on the roasting pan as the bones create a natural rack. 

Temperatures: typically a higher temperature for searing is recommended at the beginning of the cooking time but too high a cooking temperature over a long cooking time can result in overcooked edges and underdone center. No basting or turning is necessary as the rack prevents the juices from being leached out of the meat. 

Timing: cooking time for large roasts is reduced substantially in Convection, while smaller roasts generally cook in stated recipe time. If your oven is equipped with a meat probe using it when roasting large cuts of meat of 5lbs and over will prevent overcooking. Otherwise, check the meat with an instant-read thermometer ⅔ of the way through the stated recipe time to determine the degree of doneness. Always add resting and carving time to the overall cooking time. 10 minutes for smaller cuts of meat 20 - 30 minutes for larger cuts of meat.

In Convection-roast-mode mode, the heating elements cycle with maximum intensity
In this mode, the heating elements cycle with maximum intensity

Cooking an Entire Meal 

Before you begin, calculate the cooking and resting time of the meat to determine when to add the vegetables or other side dishes. Ideally, side dishes should be ready to come out of the oven when the meat is carved and ready to serve. 

Determine best rack positions to accommodate all the cooking trays and achieve desired results before heating the oven. For example, vegetables roasted on rack position 2 will benefit from the stronger heat from the bottom heating element while meats cooked on rack position 4 will benefit from the direct heat from the top heating element.

Roasting Small Cuts of Meat Small: quick-cooking cuts of meat with a cooking time of 20 - 40 minutes can be cooked directly on a rimmed baking sheet, using recipe timing and temperature.


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