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What is Combi-Steam Cooking?

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Steam-Baking or Combi-Baking

Breads,  casseroles, and delicate egg dishes normally cooked in a water bath benefit from baking with Steam, but it's important to know the basics of  baking with Convection to avoid disappointment.

Best Uses

Here are some important tips to know:

  • Always reduce recipe temperature by 25 degrees

  • Convection  Steam Baking is wonderful for cooking Sweet or Savory Bread Puddings  and Custards that are normally cooked in a water bath. The water bath is a genius technique that highlights the benefits of cooking with Steam because it is actually the heat from the water that is cooking the food not the direct heat from the oven which was much harder to control in older appliances.

  • Convering casseroles when baking in steam is NOT required


Combi Steaming

vegetables, grains, seafood,  poaching chicken, fish and eggs and cooking hard or soft boiled eggs

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Combi Baking

for breads and casseroles and baking delicate items like custard that are normally cooked in a water bath


Combi Braising

without having to use a heavy covered pan

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Low Temperature Roasting

for lean tender cuts of meats, fish, and poultry with a final burst of high heat

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