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Cooking Shrimp and Salmon, Sous Vide Style in a Steam Oven

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Most innovations we see in appliances today originated in professional food service as chefs developed different cooking methods to ensure precise consistent results. It didn't take long for cooking in the sous vide style to became popular with home chefs because of the spectacular results that could be achieved when foods were cooked at very low temperatures.

The texture and enhanced flavor of foods cooked in the sous vide style highlights the fact that too much heat can destroy the texture and flavor of food. In other words, cooking at low temperatures can make you a star in the kitchen, because the food tastes so much better.

Can All Steam Ovens Be Used to Cook Sous Vide?

Successful sous vide cooking is dependent on precise temperature control so unless your steam oven has a mode specifically for sous vide, then it is not advisable to use the steam oven for sous vide cooking. Remember the manufacturer is conscious of your health and safety when providing information about cooking with an appliance so following the appliance use guidelines is important.

Steam ovens and convection ovens can however be used to cook lean tender cuts of meat, fish, and poultry in a low-temperature range of 140F - 200F without vacuum sealing. If your oven is equipped with a meat probe you will achieve very accurate results similar to sous vide cooking, once the item has reached the desired internal temperature a quick sear over high heat or on the grill will finish the food to perfection.

What are the Benefits of Cooking Shrimp and Salmon in Sous Vide?

When foods are cooked sous vide you can add a marinade before vacuum sealing the bag to infuse the food with flavor, and it takes only 15 minutes to infuse food with flavor when vacuum sealing. Then of course there is the texture, because the food is not exposed to direct heat when cooked sous vide, there is less moisture loss, and the difference in the flavor is extraordinary.

A steam oven is a remarkable oven to cook with, shrimp and salmon can be steamed or poached, roasted or broiled with steam, cooked at a low temperature, or in the sous vide mode so there are plenty of options for experimenting with the different methods.

Even though shrimp and salmon are relatively quick cooking having the option to cook them sous vide allows you to create an exceptional meal for a special occasion that definitely compliments these more expensive foods.

If you are planning an elaborate meal, items in vacuumed sealed bags or containers can be cooked simultaneously in the steam oven, however, the bags should not cover each other, and each one should lay flat on the oven trays.

Safety and hygiene are crucial for successful sous vide cooking so be sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations regarding storage and the final cooking step of foods cooked in sous vide.

A meal that ends with a rustic fruit tart can almost make you think you are sitting under a grape arbor in Tuscany, and in my next post I will review tips for baking this simple but luscious dessert so you can transport yourself there.

Larissa, Your Convection Enthusiast

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