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Beef Rib Roast

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Convection Roast or Convection Bake and Low Temperature Roasting

Convection is the ideal mode for roasting large cuts of meat such as a Standing Rib or Prime Rib Roast. There are several options for cooking this cut of beef and both yield great results. Typically Beef Rib roasts are seasoned with salt and pepper but you can add your preferred seasoning and of course don't forget the horseradish for serving.

Beef Rib Roast in a convection-oven
Beef Rib Roast

In the traditional method the beef is cooked for a short period of time at a high temperature then cooked for a longer period of time at a moderate temperature.

The other option is to cook the beef at a low temperature between 160 - 200 F, then finish the cooking with a short period of high heat. This method yields amazing results but the cooking time will be much longer, for accurate results using either the oven meat probe or a wireless thermometer will ensure the best results. Meats cooked in this method will be fully cooked however the meat will be very pink in appearance.

When inserting a meat probe, slide the sensor into the meat on an angle and make sure it sits in the meat and doesn’t touch the bone.


Beef Rib Roast, Choice or Prime

Boneless or Bone-In

Kosher Salt

Garlic Powder


Beef Rib Roast Cooked in Convection

Season the meat with a rub of Kosher salt and your preferred seasoning at least a day in advance. Cover the roast with a sheet of wax paper and refrigerate overnight. Remove the roast at least 2 hours prior to cooking so that it will cook evenly. Bone-in-roasts can be cooked directly on a shallow rimmed baking sheet as the meat will not touch the pan. Boneless roasts should be cooked on a rack in a shallow pan so the heat can circulate evenly around the meat and to avoid the heated pan leeching moisture from the roast.

Heat the oven to 425℉ in either the Convection Roast or Convection Bake Mode.

Place the meat in the oven, insert the oven probe if your oven features one. Close the door and program the meat probe to reach the desired internal temperature, keeping in mind the internal temperature will continue to rise slightly while the meat is resting, then set the timer for 15 minutes. When the set time has elapsed reduce the oven temperature to 325℉

Remove the meat when the desired internal temperature has been reached and rest the meat for 15 minutes before carving

Recommended Internal Temperatures

Medium Rare - 120 - 125 F, the internal temperature will rise to 130 - 135 F after resting

Medium - 130 - 135 F, the internal temperature will rise to 135-140 F after resting

Low Temperature Roast Method

Follow the steps in the first paragraph of the convection method.

Heat the oven to 200℉ in the Convection, Convection Roast or Convection Bake Mode.

Place the meat in the oven and insert the probe if your oven features one. Close the door and program the meat probe to reach 5 degrees below the desired internal temperature. The internal temperature will continue to rise while the meat is resting and also when the roast goes back in the oven for the high heat cooking phase.

When the desired temperature has been reached, remove the roast from the oven and set it aside to rest for 15 minutes. Increase the oven temperature to 425℉ return the roast to the oven and cook for approximately 15 minutes until the fat has rendered and the crust has crisped and browned. Because the meat has already rested it can be carved without resting again when it is removed from the oven.

Approximate Timing for Low Temperature Cooking

15lb roast - 5 hours + resting + high heat cooking phase

8lb roast - 2 ½ - 3 hours + resting + high heat cooking phase

Beef Rib Roast
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