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Rescued By My Oven

July 6, 2022 at 7:00:00 AM

The Perfect Match of a Convection Oven and Outdoor Grill

Even though grilling is a popular method for cooking during the summer, and the results can be amazing, cooking on the grill does require your undivided attention. On the other hand, you can easily cook an entire meal in your Convection oven and relax outdoors with a lovely chilled beverage while the meal cooks itself.

I have several Complete Meal scenarios with guidelines and recipes for cooking an easy Convection meal on the website. A good one to start with is the Italian Meatloaf recipe. In addition to the meatloaf, you will find a recipe for roasted potatoes with peppers and a delicious summer fruit cobbler with a shortcake topping. An overview explains which Convection mode and temperature to use as well as the timing and rack positions.

One of the things I like about the recipes in this meal is that they all can be enjoyed at another meal, provided you have no objection to eating “leftovers.” Personally, I don’t think of them as leftovers, because I know how much effort goes into making food, I am just thrilled to have good food available in my refrigerator to enjoy. Sliced meatloaf is great in sandwiches or can be easily reheated for another meal. Leftover potatoes are delicious when heated and served with eggs and the cobbler can be enjoyed at any time during the day and, is especially delicious when served warm with ice cream.

If you have a craving for some fried chicken but no appetite for frying the chicken in oil then check out the recipe for Oven Fried Chicken. The recipe is so simple you might feel inspired to make the suggested side dishes of corn spoonbread and roasted broccoli at the same time for an easy Convection meal.

Now that we are enjoying an abundance of summer vegetables you might want to give the Zucchini Lasagna a try. The zucchini slices that are substituted for noodles are first baked in Convection while the ground turkey meat sauce is simmering. Then the lasagna is layered in the traditional way with ricotta cheese and some pesto for added flavor.  I don’t think anyone will complain about “leftovers” with this dish but you easily scale it down if needed.If you have an abundance of tomatoes the recipe for Slow Roasted Tomatoes is a simple way to create a delicious accompaniment for grilled meats, fish, or pasta. If you have a Steam Oven you can check out the recipe for Blanching and Canning in the Combi-Steam Oven for tips that make the canning process much simpler.

There are so many benefits to cooking with Convection or Convection + Steam. Foods have more flavor and better nutrient value, multiple foods can be cooked at one time with no transfer of flavor and the preparation of many meals can be simplified by using the ovens. For me, it’s a lifestyle, I map out a meal, plan the cooking steps and let the ovens do their magic. Of course, there are times I do actually cook using saucepans, but embracing the tools in my ovens and learning to use them to my advantage liberates me from the stove and makes cooking less of a chore. Give it a try, you will be surprised how much easier cooking can be.

If you have fails or questions please email me at, I am here to help.

Best wishes…...Larissa Taboryski

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