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Steam Braising or Combi-Braising

Use  the combination Convection Steam Mode with low temperatures between 290  - 320 degrees for braising in a Steam Oven. You don’t want the liquid  boiling too rapidly just a gentle simmer so keep an eye on it and reduce  the temperature if needed. Every steam oven is a little different, so  you have to pay attention to understand the nuances of your oven.

The Benefit of Braising in the Steam Oven is:

  • Food can be cooked uncovered and you won’t need a heavy pan

  • Once  the food is cooked and cooled you can skim the fat from the cooking  juices, slice the meat and place the casserole back in the oven to  reheat before serving

  • While  the meat is cooling you can steam or steam roast some fresh vegetables  to serve with the braise…...just one more reason why we love steam  ovens!


Do you have a steam oven? Try these recipes


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