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Rescued By My Oven

May 2, 2022, 7:00:00 AM

There are many benefits to cooking foods in Convection or Convection steam, but one of the greatest benefits is convenience. Whether you cook the entire meal on one rimmed baking sheet or layer several pans into the oven to cook at one time ...

Convection Video of the Week

Stuffed Pork Shoulder Roast

Convection is the ideal mode for cooking a stuffed pork shoulder roast in order to prevent the meat from drying out while cooking. Pork shoulder can be braised with liquid in a Dutch oven or slow-roasted on a rack in a shallow pan, but when it is butterflied, pounded, and stuffed the cooking time is significantly reduced.

Combi Video of the Week

Combi Steam Whole Fish

Steaming or poaching a whole fish on a bed of aromatics in the Combi-Steam oven results in tender flavorful fish that makes a dramatic presentation. The pressureless steam environment in the Combi-Steam oven maintains a consistent gentle temperature ensuring perfect results with no fear of boiling the fish.

Practice with Recently Added Convection and Combi Recipes

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About the Educator

Since the late 1990’s many areas of our lives were impacted by the fast-moving changes brought about by innovative technologies and the appliance industry was not exempt from those changes. When I was recruited into the appliance industry in 1999, I quickly understood that the technologies being used in the appliance industry to benefit the user were actually completely baffling to the user. The problem is, recipes don’t reference the tools we cook with and because all ovens are different, without education, learning to benefit from these new technologies was challenging for the user.


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What People Say

Paul C - PA

“After watching Larissa’s videos we changed our kitchen design to include a Steam Oven because we finally understood how it would benefit our cooking,  our only disappointment is we don’t live closer to attend one of her classes.”

Ellie K - SF

“After attending one of Larissa’s demonstrations my home-cooked chicken improved from average to off the charts (my husband + kids words). The Convection knowledge she shared turned out to be a life changing event on how I prepared my family meals from that day forward.”

Carol K, SF

"Larissa unlocked the mysteries of steam oven cooking for me and gave me the confidence to use the oven daily"